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Finding Your Purpose

Mental health, fitness and wellness have never been more necessary. These are very strange times; some of us may be out of work, or temporarily on leave; our gyms and public spaces have entirely new codes of conduct that make human interaction difficult at best. That leaves us in a strange situation where all that we’ve known has changed and all that we have to look forward to is uncertain.

Believe it or not, it’s during these chaotic times where we should double-down on self-reflection. Be the anchor in the storm, so to speak. They say: “the Devil makes use of idle hands”. So don’t be idle! Be active, be outdoors where Covid is less likely to spread amongst wide spaces and sunshine! Try one thing a day that scares you—nothing too dangerous, just something that usually makes you feel nervous or hesitant. Life is for the living and if there’s one thing all this social distancing and societal change has taught us, it’s also that life is precious, too.

You need to seize each day and opportunity as they come. You need to prepare yourself for whatever the world throws at you next, because there’s always another danger or obstacle to overcome. What is one thing you always wanted to do but never took the time to undertake? Singing? Exercise? Poetry? Why wait for tomorrow? Sadly, tomorrow may not come for some of us, and eventually, tomorrow will not come at all.

Don’t go into the next life full of regrets. Go beyond full of love and memories of a life well-lived.

Tomorrow starts today!

—Aviva xoxo

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