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4-step fitness plan to get ready for your first marathon

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Getting started is never easy, which is why we’ll get you set up with everything you need for success! Running, in particular, has specific demands and considerations that must be taken into account almost immediately if you hope to progress without injury.

First and foremost stretch; stretching is essential for total body health, however, it’s especially useful for runners, who need joint motility and fascial elasticity to prevent serious injuries such as plantar fasciitis or ligament injuries.

2nd, hydrate. Water has innumerable benefits, not limited to: staving off fatigue, improving biochemical functions, helping us flush out toxins. You cannot won’t be a successful runner Want to help visitors explore more content? Create categories. When you write a post, you without being a hydrated runner! Which brings us to our 3rd essential step: rest. Proper sleep allows our bodies to build muscle, lower cortisol and regulate glucose and hormone functions.

And finally, coaching, whether in an individual or group format will make you more accountable with your routines as well as offers you a forum for constructive criticism to improve your approach, endurance, strength or behaviours. You are less likely to quit if you have a support network. So whether that’s a running group or one of our certified fitness coaches, get that support network set up before you tackle your first marathon.

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