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All About Liv: About


At Liv Med Spa & Transformation we believe in lifting people up and creating a luxurious safe haven experience, where you can always look and feel your best. Our team of experienced and knowledgable professionals are passionate and committed to making a difference in peoples lives. 

​We take pride in providing state of the art, results driven technology for Anti-Aging Treatments,Skin Remodelling,Laser Hair Removal,Genesis Skin Rejuvenation & Body Transformation. Transform your confidence, and you will transform your life. 



Located in the heart of Vaughan, our flagship venue was custom designed for you to enjoy the best transformative experience. We’ve created a luxury resort-style, uplifting environment to support our clients’ needs and wants with Skin Rejuvenation, Medical Aesthetics, Health & Body Image Transformation, as well as Mental Health.  Enjoy an open-concept studio with high ceilings, large windows and dazzling sunlight, as well as a relaxing lounge area with a Espresso & Shake Bar. Liv offers a welcoming vibe to support our clients’ hard work and every day hustle . 

The changing rooms are personal, lavish and intimate, with soothing music and calming, soft scents to help you meditate and find peace either before or after your services. 

We really have created an oasis for your transformational journey. Can’t wait to see you here!

Memberships & Packages

We build bespoke memberships 


Personal Training

Attentive personal training sessions are meticulously crafted to provide a highly individualized and focused fitness experience. During these sessions, the personal trainer is not merely an instructor but a dedicated guide, paying close attention to the unique needs, goals, and capabilities of the individual. The trainer tailors exercises and intensity levels to suit the client's fitness level, ensuring a safe but challenging yet achievable workout.


Customised Membership

Discover the ultimate in personalized well-being.With this lifestyle membership, you have the flexibility to curate a bespoke routine that aligns seamlessly with your health and wellness goals. Elevate your fitness journey, create a strategic menu for all your skin remodelling concerns and personal care services. Enjoy knowing you look and feel your best every day.



Semi Private Personal Training

Semi-private personal training sessions are a dynamic blend of individualized fitness levels and shared motivation in a team setting, creating an engaging and supportive atmosphere. The small group setting allows for personalized attention, ensuring proper form and technique while maintaining an enjoyable social experience.There's a focus on building a community of support, where everyone encourages one another to reach their fitness milestones.

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