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Strength isn’t just physical. At Liv we believe in lifting people up: mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We believe in surrounding ourselves with positive people and making people STRONG. We’ll take you, hand-in-hand and support you in building the best version of yourself.

We all have the desire to get fit and feel great. However, we don’t always have the knowledge, confidence, or support to do something about it.  Liv Executive Fitness provides a team of knowledgeable and experienced veterans in the field of fitness, image, and lifestyle transformation, who know the value of health and longevity with proven results. 

All About Liv: About


Located in the heart of Vaughan, our flagship venue was custom designed to help you LIV the best transformation experience, and to guide you towards living your best life. We’ve created a resort-style, uplifting environment to support our clients’ mental health and fitness journeys. Enjoy an open-concept studio with high ceilings, large windows and dazzling sunlight, as well as a luxury lounge area with a juice and espresso bar. Liv offers a welcoming vibe to support our clients’ hard work and every day grind. 

The changing rooms are personal, lavish and intimate, with soothing music and calming, soft scents to help you meditate and find peace either before or after your workouts. 

We really have created an oasis for your transformational journey. Can’t wait to see you here!

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